The Hyatt® Difference


Brand Marketing

Hyatt’s marketing strategy is designed to secure and build brand value and awareness while meeting the specific business needs of hotel operations. Building and differentiating the brand position of Hyatt and our sub-brands is fundamental to increasing Hyatt’s brand preference and demand, rate premium and related business imperatives. Hyatt is focused on targeting the distinct customer segments that each of our brands serves and supporting the needs of the hotels by thorough analysis and application of data and analytics.

There is a coordinated and integrated communication strategy for the Hyatt master brand and each of the sub-brands across every distribution channel.


We intend to retain and maximize the potential revenue of our existing customers and expand the number of new guests through a marketing approach powered by data and analytics. Sophisticated, quantitative strategic analytics and predictive modeling identify the most profitable customers, enabling Hyatt to leverage preference in all facets of marketing. The model is currently being utilized to enhance the value of our most loyal guests, our Gold Passport members, and within three years, it will be activated throughout the enterprise.

Coordinated Marketing

Hyatt’s coordinated marketing initiatives benefit a sub-set of hotels and resorts, as well as regional programs. Cost allocation is based on the proportionate share of actualized room revenue for trailing 12 months of participating hotels in the targeted business segment. Examples include Summer Weekend Leisure and Hyatts of Florida Group Marketing.

Field Marketing

The Corporate Marketing group assigns a hotel marketing manager to each hotel to help market their individual property. The hotel marketing manager then assesses the property’s business needs, issues and revenue objectives and assists in the development of the brand and promotional marketing programs.